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All Risks Cover

When dealing with Business Contents Insurance All Risks Cover deals with things removed from the home or workplace, typically contents insurance deals with the replacement of goods at a premises, however this does not apply when goods are removed or stolen or perhaps even lost when travelling.

The “All Risks Cover” relates to goods and equipment which is not lost or stolen from a location but when in transit or at another location, this provides an extra piece of mind when you are need security and the tools and equipment in order to complete the tasks at hand.

Basic Contents Coverages

Typically as stated most insurance policies and wordings affix losses to a pre-determined location meaning anything outside of that location does not fall into this area.

All Risks Coverage 

Deals with goods and equipment which are not located at a pre-determined property and can be covered from all risks in all locations, the benefit to this is clear if you travel or use goods outside of the basic policy conditions.

Professional Coverages

These days high value goods such as laptops and high-end tools can be used by professionals in many fields, if you travel as much as you spend time in the office or site then this type of cover might ideally suit yourself.

All Risks Cover is a great addition to a contents insurance policy and can be included into many packages to tailor a bespoke package for your business, many businesses require unique coverages and for those businesses whom have agents that travel often this might be a worthwhile inclusion in order to mitigate risks for the business and continuity moving forward.