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Firstly, Insurance is the Law!

Business Insurance ServicesA business owner who gets his Business Insurance Services right is acting in accordance with the best possible practices for himself and his employee’s, taking health and safety seriously in today’s business world, is vitally important.

Every employee is your responsibility while operating on the businesses behalf. Inside the United Kingdom it is Law that you an employer have to provide at least a £5 million pound cover in order to offset any potential risks or harm that might arise during your business activities.

Why Choose Us

For over 30 Years The Business Insurance Bureau and Bob the Broker have been right beside our long standing clients through the good times and the hard times Going through this for so long with our clients has given us an amazing pool of experience and knowledge to call upon, in order to help plan and co-ordinate client activities, allowing us to plan for and mitigate a large part of the risks we know all too well are possible for our clients to face.

  • Over 30 Years Experience day after day, planning the best way to avoid the disasters we know all too well.
  • We know on the morning after the disaster, what needs to be done and who needs to be spoken to.

Complete Tailored Package

We offer a complete tailored package business insurance service for every single client, We know all too well, no two businesses are the same, as such, we like to take the time to sit down, talk with and go over your business, what it does and how it does it.

Specialist in Bespoke Packages

We find the only real way to ensure that we can offer the best policy to fit the client is to take the time to plan, and mitigate as much risk as possible. The unforeseen will always have the potential to happen, such is the nature of not only business but the world as a whole.

Our Business Insurance Services List:

Business Interruption  –  Business Travel  –  Commercial Property  –  Cybercrime & Commercial Crime

Directors & Officers Insurance  –  Employers Liability Insurance  –  Engineering Insurance  –  Marine Cargo

Motor Fleet – Product Liability  –  Professional Indemnity  –  Protection – Public liability  –  Terrorism

Proud Reputation

We are very proud of the work we do at The Business Insurance Bureau, for over 30 years our small brokerage has developed some great relationships and some very close friends. We make sure that we look out for the unforeseen, as much as anyone can, and take advantage of our experience at dealing with disasters to make the worst case seem not so bad.

We believe its about taking the time in the first place to get it right, we sit down. We talk, that sort of thing. This all leads to a wealth of experience we can take on about your business and potential risks and hazards in the future. Its this relationship that lets us provide the best possible protection for you and your business.

Relationship insuring is the best way to mitigate risks with Business Insurance Services. We meet, review policies and future plans, and review the landscape and legality. This is only possible with good communication, so building that first is your first step towards success in insurance, a man who knows nothing about your business can’t be expected to protect it, so we take that time.

Most Experienced

Our Insurance ExperienceWe have seen some truly challenging situations in the time we have been providing insurance. Some of the stories we could tell you, would make your hair stand on end, sometimes just the unforeseen, and sometimes, utter catastrophe. We have been navigating and mitigating risks for 30 years, so I do not need to tell you the effect that the wealth of just practical hands on knowledge can have on future successes.

We have been through a lot, we aim to leverage that experience to benefit every client we work with. We understand not everything can be planned for, but also know a lot can be avoided by keeping things simple and planning a best foot forward strategy.

Who do we offer Insurances to?

Any business owner, We provide business insurance services from Start Ups and SME’s to Multi-location franchises and distilleries. We offer straight forward insight and a wealth of experience for any business owner looking for the right kind of protection and peace of mind.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us today with any Business Insurance Services questions or thoughts you might have about your business or future projects you can reach us on 0141-332-7076, our offices are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, don’t delay, if you’re unsure about what is right or the best way to approach your policy, ask us today.