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Church Insurance

We know that for the majority churches are more than just a place to meet up in a Sunday, they are a living and breathing part of the community that provide vital social aspects very few buildings can offer which is why getting your Church Insurance correct is essential.

Why Choose Us:

  • Sound Impartial Advice
  • Decades of experience 
  • Expert advice
  • Relationship Focused approach
  • Claims assistance throughout
  • Ongoing Support all year round

Our experiences in dealing congregations, fellowships and Connected groups throughout the United Kingdom have shown us how valuable the services are that churches provide, we have a range of experience in religious buildings insurance including Synagogues, Temple’s and Gurdwara’s.

Placing your trust in us to secure you against the unforeseen is not something we take lightly and we aim to ensure all aspects of your policy are reviewed for suitability for yourself and your assets.

Typical Liabilities are:

  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Public

We know a large amount of people rely on religious buildings like churches for more than just a building but a community centre, we will aim to have any questions you have answered in the quickest possible fashion and keep you aware of the legal implications and liabilities you face.

Inclusions for consideration:

We are aware today the sanctity of a church is something that with the best of intentions is no protection from break in’s, robberies, vandalism, art thieves even churches been ransacked for metals and valuables can be all to common.

That’s why we take the time to site down, look at the risks, the assets and the people involved, we are aware of the external risks you face but if we have a clear understanding of your church then we are better placed to protect the building and the assets within.