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local insurance broker

A Local insurance broker is the backbone of businesses looking for tailored and bespoke insurance protections, able to accommodate any type of business no matter the field. A Local insurance Broker takes the time to sit down with you and have you paint a picture of your business, this meeting can achieve so much in regards to the future protection of your business.

In today’s world it seems perfectly natural to jump online and get a competitive quote, fill in a form and away you go. Truth is its a minefield….

Then the unexpected happens, There you are, possibly not knowing what you bought, possibly not having read the conditions of coverage as well as you should have, in the end all that matters is what your policy wording states.

Added Value

This we believe, is where a local Insurance broker can add so much value by just taking the time, to sit down, and talk about your business.

The weight of specialist knowledge we have been building at The Business Insurance Bureau for the last 30 years is of tremendous value when engaging with potential new clients, being able to offer advice and insight, a tailor made policy for a one of a kind business.

No Two Businesses Are The Same

We know no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we wont treat you like it. As each business comes with unique building conditions, specialist products and different best practices, shipping goods, it could be a myriad of potential hazards that lie ahead of you.

Speaking with us here at The Business Insurance Bureau can massively improve your future success, offering peace of mind when the worst or unexpected happens.

Invaluable industry and mitigation experience

We have seen some complete disasters in the world of insurance, lives and livelihoods ruined, all because business owners never talked out their business risks with someone who can advise on risk mitigation for their business.

We are on a quest for Real Insurance, Insurance which is talked out, the risks all laid on the table, nothing hidden and no surprises, the unexpected can and may well happen. The fallout of that damage we can assure you, will be directly related to the policy you purchase. This is where a Local Insurance Broker can not be beaten, it’s talking things through, it’s highlighting risks, not world changing, just talking it out to find the best solutions available.

Help with claims

At The Business Insurance Bureau we pride ourselves on making our claims process as easy as possible for clients, all we have to know is the details, let us attend to the process of the claim and make sure you leverage our knowledge to benefit you and provide yourself with a great platform which only one to one relationships can offer.

Treat you fairly

We treat all of our clients with the utmost care and attention. We know the core of our business is relationships and communication, as such we are always open to talk to clients, review policies, just make sure everything is in order on the client side, the simple stuff we do everyday. The compounding effect of this over time is truly a huge benefit to both ourselves and our clients.

No Call Centres, Just People

We do not use call centre’s, calling us here today you will only ever speak to a human being, always ready to talk, lend a hand and offer advice. It’s what we have done for 30 years, and what we hope to do for another 30 years to come.

Navigate the Minefield of Insurance Complexities
Robert Hannah A.C.I.I.
Robert Hannah A.C.I.I.

The true benefit of a Local Insurance Broker like Bob Hannah, is simply, they can take a very complex minefield like the industry of insurance and guide you through damages and claims, floods, fire’s and disasters. Anything that goes wrong becomes the broker’s task to resolve with the insurers.

This, some of our clients have told us, is one of the biggest reasons for securing our services as a local broker. Industry knowledge, ready to fight on your side, mitigating as much risk as is possible all along the way.


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If you think a Local Insurance Broker sounds like the best decision for you then give us a call today on 0141-332-7076 and find out more about the insurance services and protections that we can offer you and your business.