Self Employed Insurance

The number of Self Employed workers within the United Kingdom is growing year on year according to the office of national statistics with 4.6 million people working as self-employed registered in 2015.

Self Employed Insurance asks the question? – How would you cope with an injury in the workplace and long-term sickness?, it might even be something as small as a short-term sickness bug which can seriously affect your business at the wrong time leading to penalties and legal issues.

As long as you are signed off a sick then payments could start immediately to cover your monthly expenses also with a deferred period inclusion you could start receiving the payments from day one in order to help you through a trying time.

Deferred periods can be:

2,4,8,13,26 day/ week periods

Income Protection & Critical Illness cover are the key factors with Self Employed Insurance as they cover the biggest issues faced by Self Employed workers which are being unable to work and being unable to maintain or keep up payments due to illness or injury.