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Subcontractor Insurance

Subcontractor Insurance can be a unique package as the range of activities can vary wildly from business to individual, is it therefor a great idea to fully assess the risks subcontractors pose to the business, the public and the various liabilities that may come throughout the operation of their employment.

Being clear about the types of activities you engage in and being open and honest up front will help us to form a package that we can tailor to suit your business, with 35 years experience we are very much aware how important subcontractors can be to a business on the flip side we are also very much aware of the dangers and risks that can be taken on board all the same.

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A public liability policy covers the insured’s legal liability to compensate third parties for personal injury, loss of or damage to property. Primarily, the policy covers risks damage to property. Primarily, the policy covers risks relating to the premises and activities of the business. Unlike Employers Liability, this type of cover is not compulsory but is well advised. It is often a pre-requisite in trading with other organisations. [Read More]

Be sure to take the time to speak with a broker and present all of the facts to ensure clarity and accuracy when completing the policy in the long run we find this works time and again for all interested parties.