Free Business Insurance Audit

We will carry out a completely free of charge Business Insurance Audit.

we-know-how-busy-you-are-01We will make sure the information is correctly revealed to the insurers with a Business Insurance Audit, that your coverage is exactly appropriate, that your insured values at risk are at the correct level, that you are compliant with both the policy conditions and the law in as far as it affects your business.


Recently we audited a food preparation business to discover they had no product liability cover. We audited a waste business whose broker had told them they needn’t reveal a previous fire to their insurer. Utterly disastrous. And then there all those who buy direct online, who often don’t understand the importance of what they are doing or how badly it can go wrong.

Breached Policy Conditions

Breaches of policy conditions end in claims disputes, lives and livelihoods ruined.

We find the standard of care in arranging business insurance, particularly in the SME sector, astonishingly poor. No wonder 50% of large claims are disputed.

Yes, that’s 50%…

With over 40 years’ experience in business insurance you can trust Bob ‘the world’s least boring insurance man’ to conduct a thorough, impartial overview of your most important business purchase for securing your future on the worst of days.

Truly Beneficial Results

We believe you’ll be knocked out by the results such that you’ll want to join Bob’s clientele. Most of the business we audit do just that.

What else will you get?…

And if you do, as additional bonus, we enclose a voucher for up to £500.00 per annum, per location that you can use to pay for risk management and compliance covering some of the following aspects to your business:

  • Cleaning Kitchen extract systems
  • Electrical certification
  • PAT Testing
  • H&S
  • etc.

After the Fire

Of course, the only time any of this matters is on the morning after the fire.

Don’t leave it to late if you have doubt’s…

That’s why you’ll be glad Bob audited your insurances, because it really does matter.

If you would like to speak with a member of the team or Bob then please feel free to give us a call on 0141-332-7076 or email us at

We can discuss what you need for your business and what we can do to help you protect yourself and your business, against the unknown.

Business Insurance Audit

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