Business Travel Insurance

Business Travel policies should be arranged in those cases where any Director/Partner/Employees are travelling on behalf of the business. It’s often the case that the travellers are decision makers or key personnel and the impact on the business could be quite severe should anything happen to them.


Medical & Emergency Travel Expenses & Hospitalisation.

Cover would be provided in the event of any medical treatment / hospital bills whilst travelling abroad. Pregnancy and Childbirth are automatically excluded and if there are any pre-existing medical conditions these should be referred to Insurers for their consideration.

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Cover will be provided should you have to cancel your journey or if your journey is cut short due to circumstances unforeseen and outwith your control. Exclusions would again include Pregnancy (within 2 months of expected date of birth), Childbirth, Redundancy or if you simply change your mind to travel. Financial failure of any transport or accommodation provider or their agent would also be excluded.


The policy can be extended to include this cover although there are usually monetary limitations applied and you should check your policy document. Similarly, travel to and from certain destinations would also be routinely excluded.


Should your trip be delayed, your insurers will provide reimbursement towards accommodation costs if necessary or alternative transport where possible. There are time limits that apply to this section of the policy and such costs may be on a scaled benefit dependent upon the circumstances. Cover will not be provided in the event of failure to adhere to your itinerary or in the event of any industrial action that you were aware of at the time of booking or given advance notice of.


The policy would provide legal liability on a personal basis however any liability arising out of the insured’s trade, profession or business would be excluded. The policy would also exclude any liability in relation to liability arising out of the use of any mechanically propelled vehicle, aircraft or waterborne craft.


Cover can be extended to include loss of or damage to personal baggage and in certain circumstances money towards emergency clothing and toiletries although this is sometimes dependent upon the level of cover chosen. Full details again can be found in your policy schedule. Some items such as contact lenses or electronic equipment may also be excluded from this section. Personal Money and Credit Cards are also excluded as they would be insured separately.


Cover is extended to include any loss of or theft of your passport although any such loss must be reported to the consulate usually within the first 24 hours of discovery.


The policy can be extended to include money and credit cards but the loss of cash is usually limited and this will be shown in your policy schedule. Theft from any unattended vehicle would also be excluded.


Legal expenses cover would be provided should you sustain an injury or illness and wish to raise legal proceedings against the third party responsible. Cover would be limited and full co-operation would be required with your Insurers and their legal representatives.

The policy can be tailored to suit your needs and can even be extended to cover spouses and/or children when accompanying an employee on a business trip. Premiums would depend on cover chosen. The number of employees, no of trips and destinations would all be taken into account for rating purposed.

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