Food, Drink & Entertainment

The UK and wider global food and drink industry is competitive, complex and dynamic which presents significant opportunities for agile, connected companies. At the same time, this landscape presents a series of complex and emerging risks. Here are a number of trends which are influencing risk in the industry.

The operating environment can be challenging with strict government regulation to adhere to and increasing scrutiny around sustainability – from the security of supply in increasingly global supply chains, to concerns around ingredients and the effect they have on the population’s health. Consumers put a great deal of trust in food and drink manufacturers to deliver products that are safe and this means brands must be carefully managed.


Changing consumer behaviour such as the movement towards low-cost retailers and online shopping as well as higher engagement with social media, means food and drink companies must be innovative to overcome this challenging environment. The most successful companies innovate across all processes including manufacturing, supply chain, packaging and branding.

What’s Typically Covered:

Product Liability & Product Recall

Brand and reputation risks – restoring trust

Income protection

Specialist Machinery

Supply chain risk management

Health and safety risk management