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Property Insurance is...

What's Typically Covered in Property Insurance

Typical Property Insurance covers...

Recommended Insurances for Property Insurance

We have compiled a list of policies and additional coverages to ensure you have the protections you need, when thinking about property insurance these are your main considerations for protection...


Property Insurance protects your business property (e.g., office building and its contents). When insured property is damaged in a covered event, the policy pays to repair or replace it (up to the stated limits).

A property insurance policy will routinely include some or all of the following perils:

Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft, Riot and Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Storm, Tempest and Flood, Burst Pipes, Sprinkler Leakage, Impact, Subsidence, Subterranean Fire, Spontaneous Combustion, Theft (Forcible Entry). 

In addition to these covers, you can choose to extend your policy to include Accidental Damage and this would be included in one of two ways. Read More about Property Insurance

Additional Insurance Cover Options

While not essential the extensions below truly enhance the level of protections that can be offered and secured to benefit yourself and the business...

Public Liability

A public liability policy covers the insured’s legal liability to compensate third parties for personal injury, loss of or damage to property. Primarily, the policy covers risks damage to property. Primarily, the policy covers risks relating to the premises and activities of the business. Unlike Employers Liability, this type of cover is not compulsory but is well advised. It is often a pre-requisite in trading with other organisations. read More about Public Liability Insurance

Loss of Rent

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Factors in Property Insurance Costs

In order to be able to understand how your business is viewed from an insurance point or view a quick scan of the key factors below will help you build a picture of how your business and it's practices can work towards reducing your insurance premium by having good management practices within your business.

You can find a greatly adaptive resource for working to improve safety from the Health & Safety Executive Website Here.

Making it Cheaper, By Doing it Right™

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Insurance Peculiarities For Property Insurance

Every industry and trade has specific and unique situations/ events that require a more specific solutions...

Sums Insured

Location / Adjacent Properties

Multi Tenure Property

Building Construction

What do you need to get a Quote?

If you would like a quotation you will need the following information in order to process your application for insurance...

Step 1 - Contact Us

Get in touch with us Via the Website or Call into The Business Insurance Bureau to begin a discussion about your business and your needs and wants for insurance coverages.

Our brokers have decades of experience to make sure you are fully made aware of all of the peculiarities of insurance in regards to your business and sector.

Step 2 - Confirm Information for Insurance Quotation

Once a discussion with an insurance broker is held and you have an appointed advisor, your advisor will take your quotation to the insurance market to find the most suitable agreement in terms of price and suitability for your protections.

This will include any additional coverages you have selected and it will be put to many insurance providers in order to find the best optimised insurance coverage.

Step 3 - Confirm Price & You are Covered

Once your appointed advisor receives quotations from insurance providers your advisor will speak with you about the options the market has presented in terms of price comparisons as well as coverage options.

At this point you need only select your coverage in confidence that any aspects you have discussed have been met (even the ones you might not have known about beforehand).

Once selected we confirm your insurance coverage and you will soon find your application and insurance policy documents in the mail or via Email.

Free Tools for your Insurances

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On the day the judge says it's all your fault, you'll be glad we audited your insurances...

Recently, we audited a food preparation business to discover they had no product liability cover. We also audited a waste business whose broker had told them they needn't reveal a previous fire to their insurer...disastrous! 
It's especially disastrous because of the four great, indisputably ugly truths about business insurance:
  1. Insurance companies dispute 50% of all large claims from businesses - yes 50%! 
  2. They do this for two reasons - breach of policy conditions and failure to disclose information - both of them, within your own control.
  3. It takes three years on average to resolve a disputed insurance claim, if you can! Meantime, starved of cash, you go into administration/liquidation.
  4. "43% of all businesses facing a disaster never recover*"- not because they've experienced a disaster - but because their insurance is a disaster.
This is why on the morning after the fire, on the night all your data and money is stolen, or on the day the judge says it's all your fault, you'll be glad we audited your insurances.
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