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pub insurancePub’s have been a traditional staple in cities towns and villages for centuries as a prominent part of british culture it is important we protect our pubs and the patrons that frequent them, introducing the risk factor from serving alcohol and family meals to holding 21st birthday parties and pub quizzes the risks can vary dramatically week to week.

Even raised Floor area’s can often lead to increased slip’s trip’s and fall’s on the dance floors around the country, so the best course of action is to take into account all the risks which present themselves throughout trading and plan to mitigate them as much as possible. A busy business is a successful one although the busier you are the higher chance of something unplanned happening

Our recommended policies for Pub’s:

Essential Policies

Optional Insurance Coverages

  • Loss of Licence Cover
  • Product Insurance
  • Money

Kitchen Extraction Systems

  • With current legislation it is essential that you maintain good standard of cleaning with Hot Air Extraction systems
  • Cleans must be at minimum Once per Year
  • Ask about about our Risk Management Voucher which can cover the cost of the cleaning required

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We have heard and lived through real heart wrenching scenario’s with our clients, ones to which we do not wish to repeat.

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