Our retail and shop insurance policies come complete with public and products liability cover. In retail, public liability insurance covers you if someone is injured by your products or while visiting your shop or workplace. For example, if you were to inadvertently sell a nut-free cake that contained nuts.

If you own a shop or retail business, insurance also includes cover for accusations of libel or slander against you or if you accidentally breach someone’s intellectual property rights. If this happens, we will pay any compensation on your behalf as well as the costs of defending the claim against you.

Contents insurance is another core cover of our retail and shop insurance policies. This protects your stock if it is stolen or damaged, for example due to a fire on your premises. If this happens, we will increase the amount your stock is insured for to its value at your busiest period, without you having to tell us.

What’s Typically Covered:

loss of or damage to the contents of your shop, including your stock, fixtures and fittings

theft of business funds from your shop, from employees’ homes or while in transit

injury to customers or damage to their property following an accident in your shop

injury to customers or damage to their property due to faulty products you sold.