Takeaway Insurance

To Pick Up, Or To Deliver?

takeaway insuranceTakeaway’s are profitable but high risk, naturally the involvement with the public open you up to a plethora of risks in terms of dealing with the public and having the correct procedures in place in order to function.

Small Problems, World Ending Catastrophe’s…

Having the right insurance for your business is probably the most fundamental thing you need to get correct. With the wrong Takeaway Insurance Coverage you can be assured of all the things that might go wrong, something will, it’s just the way of the world, sometimes innocuous small things and sometimes world ending catastrophes.

Experience trump’s everything

Having the experience of a broker on your side to assist in coverage’s and exposures makes great business sense, someone who live and breathes the environment is far better placed to deal with coverage’s and claims than anyone.

Our recommended policies for Takeaway’s:

Essential Policies

Optional Insurance Coverage

  • Loss of Licence Cover
  • Product Insurance
  • Money

Kitchen Extraction Systems

  • With current legislation it is essential that you maintain good standard of cleaning with Hot Air Extraction systems
  • Cleans must be at minimum Once per Year
  • Ask about about our Risk Management Voucher which can cover the cost of the cleaning required

The reason we have been so successful and maintained many decades old relationships is our ability to meet our clients needs and relate to them in a unique and experienced way. We live and breathe the world of insurance and have stories that would keep you up at night….

We have heard and lived through real heart wrenching scenario’s with our clients, ones to which we do not wish to repeat.

We have a true passion for reducing risk and ensuring the success of every business we work with, we pride our self on it, so please, pick up the phone today.