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On the Day he Chops his Finger Off

Will your Insurer Get the Finger Out?

On the day he chops off his finger, will your insurer get their finger out – or will your restaurant get the chop?

Kitchens can be dangerous places, which will come as no surprise… But you may be surprised to discover how dangerous insurance is

Insurance companies dispute 50% of all large claims from businesses most often through:

Failure to disclose the correct information or breaching your own insurance policy conditions, like the one about cleaning the kitchen extract system.
It’s something restaurant insurance and the hospitality business share in common: everything is dangerous and all problems begin and end in the kitchen.

Time pressure, slips and trips, wet floors, cleaning chemicals, back pain, dermatitis, knife accidents, lifting, mechanical equipment, gas safety, ventilation, heat, burns, boiling liquids, glassware breakages, food poisoning, naked flame, and of course, kitchen fires.

That’s why our policy concentrates on the kitchen – it’s how we make it cheaper by doing it right – and you need to get this right.

Did you know?

There are about 8000 commercial kitchen fires in the UK annually.
It takes on average three years to resolve a large disputed insurance claim (if you can resolve it). Meanwhile, without cash flow, your business goes into administration.
43% of all businesses experiencing a disaster never recover, not because they’ve experienced a disaster, but because their insurance is a disaster.

Making it Cheap vs Doing it Right: The Dilemma
The pressure to control costs means we all want our insurance cheap and easy. We might even try The Faceless Don Teflon at But it’s a recipe for disaster.

Cheap never has quality ingredients. Too few covers, spiced up policy conditions that clean you out later…

Most brokers understand insurance but they seldom fully understand kitchens. Packaged policies are too generic for your individual kitchen. The differences between your routines and your policy conditions are subtle, complex and need unique wordings to prevent an unhappy claims outcome: how many cleans per year, what is to be cleaned, the entire length of the ducting – and is that even practical? We tailor the policy to your restaurant and procedures.

It costs serious money to pay for cut fingers, poisoned patrons and kitchen fires. If it’s cheap and easy for you to say ‘yes’, it’s cheap and easy for people like Don Teflon to say ‘NO’. There is only one legitimate way to make it cheaper – cutting down claims by controlling the risk. That takes partnership, relationships, service commitment and expertise. That’s what we provide.

Bob’s Restaurant Relationship Menu

Face to face partner relationship insuring, always.
Risk management voucher: up to £500:00 every year, every location towards one of the following; Kitchen Extract Cleaning, PAT Testing, IEE Certification, Fire Risk Assessment or any Health and Safety work that will keep you statutory and policy compliant.
Policy conditions tailored to your kitchens and routines.
Reminder service to help make sure you don’t miss compliance and policy dates.
Partner relationship claims handling to make sure you can concentrate on your restaurant and not your insurance claim.
Free audit of your restaurant insurance – just give us a call!
No insurance organisation does more to protect your restaurant from lousy insurance outcomes.

Making it cheaper by doing it right.

We have a true passion for reducing risk and ensuring the success of every business we work with, we pride our self on it, so please, pick up the phone today.