Landlord Do’s & Don’ts

Landlord Do's & Don'ts


  • DON’T think agreeing a lease with a tenant means you have no responsibility for your property.

The ‘non-invalidation clause’ only deals with matters ‘beyond your control’, but there is a lot that is within your control.

The Fire Risk (Scotland) Act makes ALL the parties involved in a building responsible for making sure a fire risk assessment is carried out for example.Do's and Don'ts pages - Bob 'STOP' EM 250716-01

If you own a food risk, for example, it is not beyond your control that the annual kitchen deep clean is carried out, or that the electrical circuitry and gas supply are statutorily inspected.

  • DO make sure you understand your legal obligations as a landlord if you fail in this regard, it may affect any insurance claim you make

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