Making it Cheaper, By Doing it Right

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On the morning after the fire, neither you nor I, the fire officer, the H&S executive, the police, the ambulance service, the loss adjuster, your insurers, bankers, suppliers, customers and staff - no one, in fact - will give a toss about how much you paid for your business insurance.

They’ll all be looking for paper, taking statements and asking questions, but not about your premium. The only thing anyone will give a toss about is this: will the insurers pay the claim and stump up, pronto?

You have a burnt out business, they have a cheque book:  will they give you back your future? This is worth thinking about now, because on the morning after the fire, it’s already too late.

Here’s why...

There are four great indisputably ugly truths about business insurance:

Insurance companies dispute 50% of all large claims from businesses.

They do this for two reasons - breach of policy conditions and failure to disclose information - both of them, within your own control

 It takes three years on average to resolve a disputed insurance claim, if you can! Meantime, starved of cash, you go into administration/liquidation

That’s why 43% of all business experiencing a disaster, never recover – not because they’ve experienced a disaster, but because their insurance is a disaster.

Ladies and gentlemen we are sleeping with enemy, the enemy is called complacency.

How do we solve this? Our business philosophy is called:


“making it cheaper, by doing it right”

We fight complacency by rewarding risk management: we will contribute to the cost of Cleaning Kitchens Extract Systems, Fixed Electrical testing, PAT Testing, ISO accreditation, Fire Risk assessment, H&S Compliance and security compliance. 

We will do this every single year

We keep all this documentation so you can prove you’re compliant on the morning after the fire and we remind you when it’s due to be redone.

Because we do this, you are a better risk, we get fewer claims, we can bring your premium down to better than competitive levels - making it cheaper, by doing it right.

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