Tales that will make your hair stand on end...

If you have any left...

We have created a collection of stories which are designed to help business owners gain an understanding of the world of insurance as experienced by Bob Hannah in over 35 years of the world of commercial insurance.


We would highly recommend all business owners take a moment to have a look through some stories that would make your hair stand on end, We have seen disasters from the catastrophic to the hilarious, have a look.

The Report


This report is part of that ‘mission to explain’, in simple language, many things of great importance which are often obscured by day-to-day living, yet cannot be ignored without prejudicing  the protection you rely upon for  the worst of days.


However noble the intention, insurance companies are not philanthropists, these are highly conditional contracts - often conditional upon your own behaviour, about how you run your business.


Strategically, we want to get ‘beyond insurance’, getting our hands dirty by helping to minimise risk. This is because, in his forty plus years in this industry, Bob has never seen a serious claim where the insured outcome was better than if the disaster hadn’t happened at all.


We’re here to help. So, we’ve kept it lighthearted, colourful and attention seeking. And, if that causes you to read it, to act upon it, we’ll have done a little to help prevent the disaster we’re all trying to avoid.


That’s what we stand for, which is as important as what we do.


We have a true passion for reducing risk and ensuring the success of every business we work with, we pride our self on it, so please, pick up the phone today. [Read More]

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