Sleeping with the Enemy

Sleeping with the Enemy…Let’s Face These 4 Facts:

(1) Insurers dispute 50% of large claims made by businesses

Research by the respected insurance market analyst, Mactavish and reported in The Financial Times* shows that Insurers dispute almost half of claims made by businesses.

The article stated that nine out of every 20 claims described as “large” or “strategically significant” by the company making the claim have been contested by insurers since 2008.

(2) Main Reasons for not stumping up

Among the most frequent reasons for claims being denied were:

Supposed breaches in conditions attached to the policies
Inadequate information disclosure

(3) Years of delay, worry & expense

The data also shows that insurers typically take three years to reach settlements, due to arbitration proceedings with gagging clauses.

We think we’re covered, but we’re sleeping with the enemy.


(4) 43%* of businesses experiencing a disaster never recover from:

Fire, Lost Data, Cyber Crime, Product Recall, Infectious Disease, Terrorism, Flood, Arson, Denial of Access, Explosion, Professional Negligence, Breaches of Company or Industry Law, Industrial Accident, Climate Change Weather…:

Spooky: 43%* never recover and insurers dispute 50%


We stand for overcoming the instant mediocrity, self-interest and bullying behaviour displayed by insurers. You have to know the enemy to defeat them, but the enemy is not the insurer –it is our own complacency.

There may be trouble ahead. The need for quality advice, service and cover is absolutely without parallel.

That’s what we provide. We can help you avoid the pitfall… but…

The facts speak for themselves

My role is to remind everyone of what we stand for. We hope that your experience of dealing with The Business Insurance Bureau matches the very high expectations we have raised.

I welcome any feedback you might wish to share with us – that is how we learn to improve our service for the future

We have a true passion for reducing risk and ensuring the success of every business we work with, we pride our self on it, so please, pick up the phone today.