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Bed & Breakfast Insurance

When home Insurance Coverage Is Not Enough!

Normal insurance coverage does not allow for paying guests, this can however lead to be a good revenue stream, providing a welcoming stay for guests can be a good business opportunity but it is so vitally important that you get your insurances correct, a good nights sleep might not make up for the guest’s luggage being stolen or car being damaged in your driveway.

Bed & Breakfast’s involve lots of cleaning and guests and can sometimes be a disaster from a liability point of view, however it is important you take an objective approach to your business, B & B’s are synonymous with a good atmosphere and good environment, the truth is the really successful business is the business that can form solid relationships.

B&B Property is looked after usually by the owners and all maintenance carried out as and when needed, Paying Guests bring responsibility as such it is your responsibility to provide a level of protection by way of insurance, believe us when we say it is better to have it than not, a world of issues can arise from a lost laptop or suitcase, which is not a position anyone owner wishes to find themselves in with no solution.

Quotes designed per room or premises and cover Accidental and Malicious Damage, theft of yours or guests property, Losing the Keys, Fire and Emergencies, Broken Boiler, etc.

Public Liability Insurance – Protecting People and Property

Public Liability Insurance Covers the business from injuries to members of the public or property, an essential and legal requirement throughout the United Kingdom when dealing in any way with the public.

Employers Liability Insurance – Protecting the Employee’s & Business

When staff become unwell or injured in the course of operations working on your behalf Employers Liability Insurance protects the business by offering claim settlements to injured staff or staff whom become badly ill.

Business Interruption – Protection from the unforeseen

What happens if your kitchen goes on fire leading to a five day closure?

What Now?..

Business Interruption Insurance can be your saving grace, being able to provide for you the ability to recover and deal with the unforeseen to a degree, this can apply to anything that affects your business, If per example you ran a kitchen which caught fire rendering the premises un-usable, Business Interruption Cover is highly suggested for your own benefit.

The Optional Policies – Loss of License Cover

For every location in the United Kingdom wishing to sell alcohol a premises license is required, as a business you must do your up-most to ensure that you operate to the standards laid out in the legislation, while not essential to all Bed & Breakfast insurance policies a large amount of businesses do provide alcohol with services.

Reasons for possible loss of license

  • crime and disorder
  • public nuisance
  • public safety
  • sale of alcohol to minors

This however does not preclude the possibility that an unfortunate series of events can lead to the removal of the license from premises or personnel, having cover to protect your business from this can be a victory in the eleventh hour as sometimes the removal of a license can happen immediately.

Optional Extra’s

  • Your Building’s Insurance
  • Contents Insurance

If you cannot accommodate them then you must have insurance to have them looked after, Bed & Breakfast Insurance has to be an important part of your business as your business is all about relationships, Relationships that have long term client bases, relationships you want to keep, Call us today to arrange a quotation.