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A place where Bob the Broker tells his tales of insurance misfortune and breaks down the complexity of the insurance world one post at a time. 

In the face of a disaster emotions are high, and insurance industry are banking on this. 

Shrouded in corporate guff to confuse the living day lights out of anyone who is experiencing a disaster, insurance at it’s core is actually much simpler than we are tricked into believing. 

The Business Insurance Bureau is on a mission to help everyone (and we mean everyone!) to understand business insurance, and more importantly, how it can affect your business, future and livelihood. 

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Insurance: History, Theory, Meaning...

The word “insurance” is so inculcated into our culture that it is easy to forget what it’s all about. Here Bob explains it's past, present and future.

Insurance - past, present and future

The history books point to the beginnings of an organised industry in the seventeenth century. Shipping merchants, gathering in Edward Lloyd’s coffee shop in Lime St, London would speculate on whether each others ships would successfully reach their destination – with the kitty going to those unfortunates whose ship didn’t make it. Lloyd’s of London remains the world’s biggest insurance market and still sits on the site of Edward Lloyd’s coffee shop. The modern insurance industry evolved out of something else, however.

COP26 and Terrorism

With Glasgow’s largest scale event just around the corner, Bob the Broker breaks down what Terrorism cover is, why it’s important to your business and what how it can help in the event of a terrorist attack. 

Terrorism Cover: COP26

"It wasn't until everyone was running past me that I realised what was going on..."

Bob the Broker's Tales of the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Today's Market

Premium gone up? Here's why that might not be such a bad thing

Bob the Broker's Modus Operandi

"Wherever there is a target there's a travesty"

BI: Stockline Plastics Explosion

"I can go right out this door..."

This is what it is to be a broker.

A cloud of microscopic dots drifted slowly across the River Clyde...

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Bob the Broker's Do's and Don'ts Series

GREAT BIG UGLY DISASTERS often come from small acts of omission that could have been easily avoided. We’re all sleeping with an enemy called ‘complacency’ which eventually takes down your business. Much worse, is that great big ugly insurance disputes come from policy conditions that demand you are not complacent about small acts of routine compliance.

Your future and business‘s survival depends on not allowing your complacency to become a great big ugly insurance disaster.

So, here’s some common policy conditions you really need to pay attention to and comply with.

They’re not exhaustive nor complete, but if you do these things, you are a long way towards protecting your future from either a physical or insurance disaster.

Do's & Don'ts: Cyber

Helpful tips on do's and don'ts about Cyber

Do's & Don'ts: Motor

Helpful tips on do's and don'ts about Motor

Do's & Dont's: Property

Helpful tips on do's and don'ts about Property

Do's & Don'ts: General

A helpful list of do's and don'ts for your business.

Bob the Broker's 'Need to Know' Series

Presenting the Facts

Making a fair presentation of the risk and examples of misrepresentation

Behavioural Conditions

‘Warranties’, ‘Conditions Precedent’ and Policy Conditions

Significant Others

Under-insurance, Claims, Policy Excess and Fraud