The Business Insurance Bureau

The Business Insurance Bureau has been providing claims management for over 35 years, throughout that time we have seen grown men weep over the brutality of the insurance industries decisions.

The slings and arrows are the acid test the industry so often fails, I often remind claims people they do have a choice: they can interpret their contract or they can choose to be decent.

They are supposed to be fair, which is subjective, and it does allow for choice.

Over the years we’ve seen just about every kind of claim with every kind of policy, the tragic to the hilarious, but we treat them just the same.

Calm, measured, persistent and polite, we’ll work to save you the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, not cost you an outrageous fortune.

Emergency Reporting

Should you need to report an emergency please see our Emergency Contact Section.

Given our success and high client retention we believe this is due in no small part to our simple and straight forward claims processes as listed below, keeping it simple, following the processes.

Our steps to a successful claim

Contact Us

Let us know about the details of the claim so we can fully assess how to go forward by Phone or Email

Complete the Picture

It’s really important to give us all the information about the claim so a claims assessor can let you know the best course of action, helping to remove stress from an already stressful situation

Dot the i’s and cross the T’s

Here we combine all the documentation required alongside the information from your claims handler to be processed for a decision


Once all of the information is received by your insurer we can reach a decision and agree a settlement.

You can let us know about small claims with forms listed below:




If your claim relates to any of the following policies please contact us directly by Phone.




Written Enquiries

Please feel free to contact us in writing at the following address:

The Business Insurance Bureau

Wit’s End

7 Queen’s Crescent


G4 9BW

We look forward to your communications and aim to deal with all matters in the shortest time possible.