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Dream job this way... "All you need is love"

Careers at The Business Insurance Bureau

The Business insurance Bureau has been at the eccentric fringe of our industry for almost 40 years now, but the Supreme Commander has decided it’s time to cross over and fulfil our potential: to become recognised among our peers and the business community as the world class business we already are.

Bob's Hippy Van

If you’ve got experience and/or industry qualifications, are innately empathetic and interested in people, curious about how people and things work and, above all, have the originality of mind and attitude to life, the universe, work and everything that doesn’t see limitations to possibility, then you are probably what Bob’s got in mind.

The work is varied: it’s for a stunning and stunningly diverse clientele, In an industry often perceived as ‘boring but important’ you’ll never be bored at The Business Insurance Bureau – too much happens for boredom to set in.

It’s all about people: about how we ease the mind, about a bridge over troubled water.

Bob’s long in the tooth, has massive experience, has seen just about every circumstance there is to see and forgotten more than most people know.

It’s time to rise up like a gospel chorus, which is quite an achievement for an organisation with no targets.

It’s a stand out from the crowd, close-knit, collegiate, interesting kinda place to be: Interested?

If you can feel your soul ignite at the prospect, don’t resist the temptation nor the challenge: you already know there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done: something inside that’s bigger than where you are now.

Our open job vacancies are below, and if you see a job that is suited to you, you know who you are, where you’re going and what you want. We know that you’re special, even if you don’t – and we’re trying to find you.

Let’s see if we can find each other. Everything else we’ll agree before blast off, when your great adventure begins.

Drop us an email with your CV and tell us all about yourself: