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Some people have told Bob that they find filling out insurance forms to be “an inconvenient, time consuming, complete pain in the arse“. Others have said it’s “like listening to The Spice Girls, on repeat, it’s endless and awful”.

It’s tempting to avoid a “complete pain in the arse” by not thinking about the answers to much, but it’s ill advised.

That’s because this is a risk presentation form in respect of business insurances, and as forms go, it’s a really, really important form.

Not wishing to be ‘heavy’ about it, but here are three things to think about…

1. Incomplete information is one of the two main reasons 50% of all large claims from businesses are disputed. Indeed, you have a statutory duty, under the terms of the Insurance Act 2015, to reveal everything that you know or ought to know.

2. If you do not provide complete and accurate information, this raises the possibility that the insurer or underwriter will not deal with any subsequent claim completely or, in extreme failures, the entire claim may be turned down and the contract voided from its inception.

3. Also, this form is something that cannot be rushed nor can it be passed to a junior member of staff. Indeed the law takes the matter sufficiently seriously that it demands senior management complete the form in collaboration with other senior management or specialist staff who have knowledge of particular areas of the business.

In short, you cannot later claim not to know what you ought to know because you did not access information that is held within the business or its contact sphere.

The accuracy and completeness in the answers you provide are really, really that important – albeit “a pain in the arse” for some.

Conversely, people who have had a very large claim turned down have told Bob “it’s an utter catastrophe, for ever after” which makes Bob think that even if the form is a bit of a pain, it’s best to do it really, really well.

Our business philosophy is encapsulated in our trademark “Making It cheaper, by doing it right” which alludes, in part, to the severe cost consequences of doing it wrong. Because we understand how some people feel about form filling, we’ve tried to make our forms a pain free zone, albeit it is quite a long form, by breaking it down into logical coherent sections.

What we really, really want, is that you get this right – and we work together to protect your future.

Like anything that’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Any query, just give us a call.

Risk Presentation

This is the new insurance application form, your opportunity to tell it like it is, you’ll need lots of information to complete it.

Mid Term Adjustment

Tell us about changes we’ll use this form to keep your insurance up to date.


Complete this form to renew your insurances.

business insurance claims

If you wish to submit a claim please use the forms below, if you are contacting us as a third party please contact us directly.

Business Interruption Form​

Complete this form to submit a new Business Interruption Interest application.

Motor Claim Form

Complete this form to submit new motor claim information.

Property Claim Form

Complete this form to submit a new property claim.

Employers Liability Claim Form

Complete this form to submit a new employers liability claim.

If you cannot find a suitable form for your requirement you can contact us view our Contact Us page or alternativley give us a call.