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"I've only been doing this for 40 odd years and I can say there's no such thing as 'cheap' business insurance. It's always the most expensive, often disastrous, option because you find out when it's too late. 
43% of all businesses experiencing a disaster never recover and my 40 years says it's not because they've experienced a disaster, but because their insurance is a disaster. On the morning after the fire no one - least of all you, gives a toss how much you paid for your business insurance.

Industry Expertise

They say an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less. but with over 40 years under our belt we know much more and more, about more and more.


Ever industry and profession has peculiarities that define the risks being run.


Fortunately we understand that it's about combining expertise with understanding, which correlates into relationship insuring.

Insurance Policies

I've never liked the word 'Policy', - it sounds like a way of looking at things, a mindset, something you might or might not be.


In Fact, these are hard-nosed contracts written in impenetrable legalese that confound everyone usually at the claims stage, leaving people disappointed over the difference between expectation and reality, you can read them if you like, but what you really need is help and advice.

Stories to keep you up at Night...

We have created a collection of stories which are designed to help business owners gain an understanding of the world of insurance as experienced by Bob Hannah in over 35 years of the world of commercial insurance.


We would highly recommend all business owners take a moment to have a look through some stories that would make your hair stand on end, We have seen disasters from the catastrophic to the hilarious, have a look.


We will make sure the information is correctly revealed to the insurers, that your coverage is exactly appropriate, That your insured values at risk are at the correct level, that you are compliant with both the policy conditions and the law in as far as it affects your business.


We find the standard of care in arranging business insurance, Particularly in the SME sector, astonishingly poor. No wonder 50% of all large claims are disputed.


The Business Insurance Bureau has been providing claims management for over 35 years, throughout that time we have seen grown men weep over the brutality of the insurance industries decisions.


The slings and arrows are the acid test the industry so often fails, I often remind claims people they do have a choice: they can interpret their contract or they can choose to be decent.

At Burger King we live with very exacting standards. We have to be competitive on price, have quality products, fast friendly service and provide it in a fast friendly environment. We have to satisfy the demands and needs of an increasingly sophisticated public who come into our restaurants in great numbers every year. We need our insurance backup to follow the same exacting standards and for some years, The Bureau has provided that service for us. Obviously, the personal service and relationship between us is part of that, but their willingness to deal

with claims without hassle and fuss is probably their greatest strength.
Struan RobertsonBurger King

When we were purchasing the distillery, we also required to purchase some rather specialist insurances. Initially, we were stuck in a room with seven experts from a multi national insurance broking firm who told us we would never be able to purchase the cover we needed. Our lawyer suggested we meet Bob Hannah at The Business Insurance Bureau – it is fitting, I think, that it was a similarly rare, quality independent firm, The Business Insurance Bureau, that managed to unlock the door to the insurance we needed - and we’ve never looked back. Since 2004 The Benriach Distillery

Company has won various enterprise and trade awards and the quality of our product is internationally recognised.
Billy WalkerBen Riach Distillery

The market and the ballroom were always complex from an insurance viewpoint but when we started running rock concerts, our insurers really got the willies. They put our premiums up to unimaginable levels and there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it. We were about to give up concerts altogether when, through another business contact, we were introduced to Bob Hannah. He commissioned an independent structural/fire survey which showed the ballroom to be a much better risk than had previously been believed. As a result we ended up

with our insurance position renegotiated to an acceptable level. There is no doubt this little touch of ingenuity has turned out to be a major contribution to what is now Scotland’s most vibrant concert venue.
Catherine ServiceThe Whiskey Shop
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