The Business Insurance Bureau

Why choose The Business Insurance Bureau?

The Business Insurance Bureau is a niche specialist underwriter and commercial insurance broker, defying conventional categorisation, comprising of a small number of gifted individuals forming a collective intellectual giant.

We have developed our own unique range of quality insurance products, which has given the business a competitive advantage in several areas. Being in control of the entire process, from enquiry to policy issue, has allowed our business to deliver service levels hitherto unimaginable in this sector, or indeed for a business of its physical size.

We insure a spectacularly diverse clientele, similarly exclusive and excellent in their field, who rely on The Business Insurance Bureau to protect their assets, minimise their liabilities and secure their future.


Recent feedback on our Extra Mile Claims Service for COVID-19

The help that you and your company have provided has proven to be a lifeline, without which we would not have survived.

Thank you, from a small business in London where you have made the difference to the lives of all that work within, and their families.

Matt Kemp

The Underground Cookery School, London

A life saver.

Aldo Gizzi

Panini's, Waterloo St, Glasgow

Fantastic service, a real steady hand through a very stressful time.

Karen Robertson

George Anderson and Son, Fruit Market

Team were absolutely awesome went over and above. Very supportive. 

David Burnett

The Caledonia Bar, Perth

It has ensured we were able to open up with no staff being laid off. 

David Hastings

Spitaki and Mail Boxes Etc Edinburgh

The claim was well handled and resulted in an adequate payment. Many thanks to Bob Hannah for getting the right policy set up

Norman Ferguson

Norman Ferguson Marketing

It was a great help to my business.

Franco Palombo

Palombos of Balloch

It meant we could stay afloat and prepare for reopening. 

Andrew Still

Elena's Restaurant

Let's make it cheaper, by doing it right

"Relationship insuring" it's what we do...

Putting the needs and wishes of the client at the centre of our work has developed a culture where the detail given to customer care is so prolific that it is our reputation which brings new businesses to join our clientele.  

The business sees itself in partnership with its clientele – bringing together a deep knowledge of the client’s business with our own market research and industry expertise. More than any other provider, we believe in ‘relationship insuring’. We will never have a touch-tone telephone system.


BenRiach Distillery

Billy Walker

“When we were purchasing the distillery, we required to purchase some specialist insurances. We were stuck in a room with seven experts from a multinational insurance broking firm who told us we would never be able to purchase the cover we needed. I think, that it was a similarly rare, quality independent firm, The Business Insurance Bureau, that managed to unlock the door to the insurance we needed – and we’ve never looked back.”

Shish Mahal Restaurant

Asif Ali, COO

“We had a fire a few years ago that started in the flat above our restaurant. Bob was on site within the hour, armed with a loss adjuster. Work started immediately and incredibly, we were up and trading within 5 days! It was a truly impressive turnaround, professionally handled. They also do great work on risk managing the kitchen, which is invaluable after our fire experience.” 

Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow

Stan Riddet

“We were about to give up concerts altogether when, we were introduced to Bob Hannah. He commissioned an independent structural/fire survey which showed the ballroom to be a much better risk than had previously been believed. As a result we ended up with our insurance position renegotiated to an acceptable level. There is no doubt this little touch of ingenuity has turned out to be a major factor.”

Explore our full range of business insurances

Understandably, there is no ‘one fits all’ when it comes to business insurance, and quite rightly so. Your business requires insurance that will directly help your business in it’s time of need, which will also impact the types of policies required. 

Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen our clientele’s developing need for professionalism; expertise and personal attention grow ever greater. Running a business gets more complex, risky, regulated and litigious by the day.

Public Liability

"I just left the blow torch on for a moment whilst I took the phone call..."

Commercial Property

"On the morning after the fire, no one gives a toss about how much you paid for your premium..."

Professional Indemnity

"You've got that worried look upon your face..."

Business Travel

“After the body scan, I was told to lie on my back and not move for ten days… I just wanted to go home”

Employer's Liability

"It's not about who pays who, it's about who told you to do that..."

Business Interruption

"When the water came up to our knees we realised we might be a problem..."

Commercial Combined

Where many policies roll into one


"It wasn't until everyone was running past me that I realised what was going on..."

Marine Cargo

"Half way up the Arabian sea and the container ship breaks in two..."

Product Liability

"Not everyone automatically realises you can't dry your pet in the microwave..."

Motor Fleet

"Well the driver thought the lorry would go under the bridge..."

Cyber & Commercial

"A ransom email, no access to anything and my clients need what?"

Directors and Officers

"Fancy a spell in the pokey? It's up close and very personal"


"Eh...there's been a power outage..."

Let's make it cheaper, by doing it right

Roll up, roll up! Read all about it...

The Business Insurance Bureau is famous for it’s simplification of the complex world of insurance. With corporate jargon galore, we believe that in order to run your business with peace of mind, you need simplistic and entertaining material when it comes the ‘boring but important’ things like business insurance. In order to help you along the way we have created many colourful and cheery leaflets to help you understand what risks your business can face and how we can help you reduce them. 

Bob the Broker - Hair stand on end-01
"There are four, indisputably ugly truths about business insurance"

On the morning after the fire...

…neither you nor I, the health & safety executive, the fire officer, the police, the ambulance service, the loss adjuster, your insurers, your bankers, suppliers, customers and staff – no one, in fact, will give a toss about how much you paid for your business insurance.

They’ll all be taking statements, looking for bits of paper, asking questions, but not about your premium.

Food, Drink & Entertainment Insurance

It’s not about bread and butter issues anymore...

‘Bread & Butter’ issues have been overtaken by a spectacular increase in costs. Lots of businesses are struggling…

Pub Insurance

Now this is not the booze talking…

It’s a challenge to stay afloat, pouring pints and collecting money has turned into a complex array of food, drink and entertainment compliance.

Landlords Insurance

Landlords: Where do we go from here?

A faulty fridge-freezer caused the Nation’s greatest property tragedy in living memory, now we can only learn lessons…

Occasionally, there comes a defining event that is so catastrophic, it is embedded in the consciousness of the nation and upon which everything turns.

Colourful Bob with arm out-01
Professional Indemnity Insurance

You’ve got that worried look upon your face…

“I can’t believe this is happening…how am I going to get through this?!” On Sophie’s desk likes a writ, her business and future are at stake. Was it her fault? 

Directors & Officers Insurance

As The Ship Goes Down, The Finger Pointing Starts...

Society is not content with ‘the company’ shouldering the blame, but seeks to hold individual people to account for a truly breath-taking range of management failure.

Cyber & Commercial Crime Insurance

On the Night your Data & Money are Stolen...

This digital kid has just hacked your data, emptied your bank account and gained access to your systems, What do you do now?…

Retail Insurance

One shop or one thousand shops. It’s all about overheads....

Yet another round of restructuring and store closures for some, and for others, store openings, find out…

How we do things...​

Above all, the business develops its competitive advantages through the dedication of its team, career development, continuous learning, deepening knowledge and specific industry expertise.

We have a continuous commitment to product development, and an ongoing commitment to improving efficiency across the business, so that our team can dedicate their energy to providing first class client solutions. We also have an imaginative and quality professional ‘in-house’ marketing and public relations division to promote our message to the business community. 

Let's make it cheaper, by doing it right

The People behind Bob...

I’m privileged to hold the placard for the team – but the truth is the recognition for our success belongs to our team, who make things happen. 

Behind ‘Bob The Broker’ are real people: qualified, skilled, experienced, using their imagination, empathy and compassion to grow and develop, not just on paper, but on the consciousness of our clientele by the quality of their intellect and solutions.

Solving client problems is not just about in gathering shared information, but doubts, fears and questions, with brutal honesty and ideas passionately tested to destruction– that is the strength of teamwork. 

There is nothing more powerful than a small team imbued with a sense of purpose – it is almost unstoppable. 

The people behind Bob are all unique individuals, I am proud to have each and every one of them in our team.

Bob Hannah ACII 

Supreme Commander 

Bob the Broker

COVID-19 is the extreme kind of challenge that a nation has to deal with once in a lifetime.

The challenges that we face across the board with the health of our loved ones, friends, and colleagues, the disruption to our business, suppliers and clients, is something that we have all faced together.

If you are looking to make a claim in relation to COVID-19 please click the link to read more. 

COVID-19 Update

To help we have put together some resources to keep you in the loop.

COVID-19 Update

To help we have put together some resources to keep you in the loop.

COVID-19 is the extreme kind of challenge that a nation has to deal with once in a lifetime.

The challenges that we face across the board with the health of our loved ones, friends, and colleagues, the disruption to our business, suppliers and clients, is something that we have all faced together.

If you are looking to make a claim in relation to COVID-19 please click the link to read more.