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Business Insurances

Business Travel

Business Travel Insurance policies should be arranged in those cases where any Director/Partner/Employees are travelling on behalf of the business.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance is also known as Loss of Profit or Consequential Loss cover and is pivotal to the future of a business if serious physical damage occurs

Commercial Property

Property Insurance protects your client’s business property (e.g., their office building and its contents). When insured property is damaged in a covered event

Directors & Officers

A company’s Articles of Association delegate the management of the company to its directors who, in practice, make policy decisions on behalf of the company


Engineering insurers provide a range of inspection services and insurance covers ranging from breakdown cover on a single item of machinery to complex covers

Marine Cargo

A contract of Marine Insurance is a contract whereby the Insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured against losses incident to Marine Cargo adventure.

Motor Fleet

Motor fleet is simply the grouping of a number of vehicles together under one policy document, with a single renewal date for administrative convenience.

Product Liability

The Insured is indemnified against legal liability to pay damages and claimants costs, in respect of accidental bodily injury and accidental damage

Professional Indemnity

Claims are increasingly made against persons or firms engaged in professional duties or the provision of such services for alleged negligence, omission or error