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Understandably, there is no ‘one fits all’ when it comes to business insurance, and quite rightly so. Your business requires insurance that will directly help your business in it’s time of need, which will also impact the types of policies required. 

Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen our clientele’s developing need for professionalism; expertise and personal attention grow ever greater. Running a business gets more complex, risky, regulated and litigious by the day.

Public Liability

"I just left the blow torch on for a moment whilst I took the phone call..."

Commercial Property

"On the morning after the fire, no one gives a toss about how much you paid for your premium..."

Cyber + Commercial Crime

"A ransom email, no access to anything and my clients need what?"

Business Travel

“After the body scan, I was told to lie on my back and not move for ten days… I just wanted to go home”

Employers Liability

"It's not about who pays who, it's about who told you to do that..."

Business Interruption

"When the water came up to our knees we realised we might be a problem..."

Professional Indemnity

"You've got that worried look upon your face..."


"When I heard the diagnosis I knew I couldn't work..."


"It wasn't until everyone was running past me that I realised what was going on..."

Product Liability

"Not everyone automatically realises you can't dry your pet in the microwave..."

Motor Fleet

"Well the driver thought the lorry would go under the bridge..."

Directors and Officers

"Fancy a spell in the pokey? It's up close and very personal"

Marine Cargo

"Half way up the Arabian sea and the container ship breaks in two..."


"Eh...there's been a power outage..."