The Business Insurance Bureau

GREAT BIG UGLY DISASTERS often come from small acts of omission that could have been easily avoided.

We’re all sleeping with an enemy called ‘complacency’ which eventually takes down your business. Much worse, is that great big ugly insurance disputes come from policy conditions that demand you are not complacent about small acts of routine compliance.

Your future and business‘s survival depends on not allowing your complacency to
become a great big ugly insurance disaster. So, here’s some common policy conditions you really need to pay attention to and comply with. They’re not exhaustive nor complete, but if you do these things, you are a long way towards protecting your future from either a physical or insurance disaster.

DO ensure all staff are trained to be cyber aware, especially with mobile devices, phishing scams, etc.

DON’T use an easy to guess password like your pet’s name or date of birth.

DON’T leave devices unattended.

DON’T open mail or attachments from an untrusted source.

DON’T click on links from an unknown or untrusted source.

DO ensure all staff lock their computers and mobile phones when not in use.

DO update all software on all devices whenever a patch/upgrade is available.

DO destroy information properly when it is no longer needed.

DO back up everything all the time, three copies minimum is recommended. One for yourself, one stored off-site and one in the cloud.

DON’T install unauthorised programs on your work computer or devices.

DO establish a relationship with a reputable cybersecurity firm. Ask questions in advance about policy and procedures to keep your company safe on the Internet.

DO ensure your OSP’s (outsourced service provider) use strict controls for personally indentifiable information.

DO find out who your OSP’s share their information with, and if they share yours.

DO ensure you have a data recovery plan.

DO ensure that you have the right cyber insurance cover for your business.