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Stockline Plastics Explosion

Author: Bob Hannah 2 min read
It’s a routine Tuesday morning in May. A team of colleagues go in to their work in a factory in Maryhill, Glasgow. By lunchtime there are nine dead, 
thirty-three injured, sixteen seriously. 
It’s Britain’s worst post-war industrial accident since Piper Alpha – one minute from our office. 
The five storey Stockline Plastics building has been levelled in an explosion caused by a long forgotten, hidden, underground gas pipe. Lives and livelihoods are lost and ruined in the devastation.
For ten months, Health & Safety cordon off the site for investigation – practically ruining one of our client’s businesses right next door – because it was cordoned off too.

factory explosionAll this has to be compensated for. The future is not available to be repressed, it is uncertain, full of risk – and no business is immune from chance.

If we cannot control chance, we can mitigate risk and compensate for the financial consequences. The Business Insurance Bureau has vast experience and has dealt with almost every type of claim and many strange events from the disastrous to the trivial, the hilarious to the tragic.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen our clientele’s developing need for professionalism; expertise and personal attention grow ever greater. Running a business gets more complex, risky, regulated and litigious by the day.

Yet, the insurance industry’s attempts to sell a ‘one size fits all’ cheap product rather than a bespoke service has often resulted in lousy outcomes, delivered by shed-loads of teenagers with a touch tone telephone system somewhere near Dorking or Bangalore.

That’s why we believe in relationship insuring: putting the time in, preferably, ‘face to face’.

There is no other way to be prepared, when tomorrow comes.

And no one knows what happens tomorrow.

“I can go right out this door now and go in a restaurant. You want to know how great that is? Or go to the movies? I mean people come and ask for your autograph or say ‘Hi’ but they don’t bug you, you know”

John Lennon on Living in New York, December 7, 1980.

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