The Business Insurance Bureau

Bob’s the Broker’s Risk Presentation Form –a universal form to cater for the risks 21st Century businesses face. The information requested helps us insure you accurately and adequately.

The accuracy of the answers given in all sections of Bob’s Risk presentation Form are pivotal to the future of your business. Discrepancies In the accuracy of the answers may mean that the future of your business is not available to be claimed on the worst of days.

Therefore, there is nothing else for it but to take this seriously: even the law says you must – it’s a really, really important form.

Insurers and underwriters are neither philanthropic nor charitable nor is this a maintenance contract for your business. It is a highly conditional and complex contract and the reliance upon the answers you give is total.

Not wishing to be ‘heavy’ about it, but here are three things to think about…

Why is this form so important

Incomplete information is one of the two main reasons 50% of all large claims from businesses are disputed. Indeed, you have a statutory duty, under the terms of the Insurance Act 2015, to reveal everything that you know or ought to know.

If you do not provide complete and accurate information, this raises the possibility that the insurer or underwriter will not deal with any subsequent claim completely or, in extreme failures, the entire claim may be turned down and the contract voided from its inception.

Also, this form is something that cannot be rushed nor can it be passed to a junior member of staff. Indeed the law takes the matter sufficiently seriously that it demands senior management complete the form in collaboration with other senior management or specialist staff who have knowledge of particular areas of the business.

In short, you cannot later claim not to know what you ought to know because you did not access information that is held within the business or its contact sphere.

How do I fill it out?

Our risk presentation form expects you to have a lot of information to hand and to speak with numerous colleagues. We know this isn’t always possible in one sitting, which is why there are two different ways to complete this form:

Online form

Fill in the online form as best you can. There are no mandatory fields after the beginning of the form so you can fill in as much or as little as you have to hand. If you can’t answer some questions, don’t worry, leave them blank and we can come back to you to discuss it. Where there are answers or features that require particular attention or special explanation they will be highlighted with a blue hyperlink.

Note: There is no ‘save’ function until the end of the form at the Declaration section, which why we say fill it out as best you can, then skip to the end to submit.

What do you need?

Accurate information is more important than the speed with which it’s compiled.

Below is a bit about the information we’ll need from you:


  • The basic details of your business and who is completing this form.

Risk Exposure

  • A few simple questions to get you thinking about the risk exposures of your business.

Business History

  • The history of the business can massively impact its future, if you don’t tell us it happened, we can’t defend you.


  • This is where you will need to confer with colleagues about important ‘people related’ events that could impact the outcome of future claims.


  • Here we’ll be looking at the premises as a whole to identify things that might need to be changed/reviewed to meet tough policy conditions. No property? You can skip this section.


  • How do you do it? When does it happen? How often? These are the things we need to know to get your adequately and accurately insured.

Assets & Liabilities

  • Maths and money, you’ll need your accounts information to hand for this one, but don’t worry, we’ve done our best to guide you on exactly what’s required if numbers aren’t your thing.


Well done, it’s over, we just need to know who filled in the form and when.