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Restaurant Insurance

Confidence with Insurance Coverage

Throughout this article we aim to fully prepare you to be able to purchase, with confidence, a policy that suits both you and your business. Providing confidence to you as a business owner of what we have found in 30 years of business may be your biggest risks.

40 Years of Entertainment Insuring

When it comes to Insuring a Restaurant, Gastro-pub or Sushi Bar it begins and ends in the kitchen. By focusing on the biggest risk to your business we position you best to continue trading and survive and grow long into the future.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Our Restaurant Insurance Coverage insures you against claims that can stem from slips, trips and falls. Our coverage also includes the protection of people and places, as well as the unforeseen, by planning ahead for things like storms and loss of access to your property that might interrupt the normal course of events for your business.

Essential Insurance Policies

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption

Optional Insurance Coverage

  • Loss of License
  • Product Insurance
  • Cash/ Money Coverage
  • Buildings/ Commercial Property Insurance

Kitchen Extraction Systems

  • With current legislation it is essential that you maintain good standard of cleaning with Hot Air Extraction systems
  • Cleans must be at minimum Once per Year
  • Ask about about our Risk Management Voucher which can cover the cost of the cleaning required

Recipe for Disaster

It is essential for your own peace of mind and security that you plan for the unexpected before you end up in them, the public and your staff rely on you as the business owner to to be prepared, this is why we believe an insurance broker is essential when setting up your restaurant insurance.

Buying polices blind or failing to review what you have purchased will only have you contributing to the statistic that 43% of businesses Never Recover from a disaster. Ironically most of the time it is not the fact an unplanned event happens, just the fact the policy you purchase is not adequate to protect your business.

How much does restaurant Insurance Cost?

Size of RestaurantSmall RestaurantLarge Restaurant
Typical Cover£500.00£6,000

Tip: Make sure you know the Difference between Contents Insurance and Fixtures and Fittings Cover

Tip: Insure stock at Cost Price not Retail Price

Tip: Policy Documentation, check for exclusions and excesses, know them well!