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Takeaway Insurance

To Pick Up, Or To Deliver?

Takeaway’s are profitable but high risk, naturally the involvement with the public open you up to a plethora of risks in terms of dealing with the public and having the correct procedures in place in order  to function.

Small Problems, World Ending Catastrophe’s…

Having the right insurance for your business is probably the most fundamental thing you need to get correct, With the wrong Takeaway Insurance Coverage you can be assured of all the things that might go wrong, something will, it’s just the way of the world, sometimes innocuous small things and sometimes world ending catastrophes.

Experience Trump’s Everything

Having the experience of a broker on your side to assist in coverage’s and exposures makes great business sense, someone who live and breathes the environment is far better placed to deal with coverage’s and claims than anyone.

Public Liability Insurance – Protecting People and Property

Public Liability Insurance Covers the business from injuries to members of the public or property, an essential and legal requirement throughout the United Kingdom when dealing in any way with the public also protecting you from damage to property to a degree which enables the minor incidents that happen very easy to manage.

Slips, Trips and Falls can be a major factor in claims against your business, this can happen from wet front of house floor’s or in a very bad case food poisoning from the food you supplied, the best defence against both of these simply put, Is, Control mechanisms and systematic approaches to the needs of the business weighed up with the Risk they represent to people and places.

Employers Liability Insurance – Protecting the Employee’s & Business

Joe thought the food would be fine to re-heat the takeaway food 5 Full days after purchase, Joe claimed against the business for food poisoning, this claim was disputed given the good reporting on site and disputed dates of purchase and consumption. In another business that claim might well have been granted against the business placing an undisclosed cost on the shoulders of, You… The Business Owner.

When staff become unwell or injured in the course of operations working on your behalf Employers Liability Insurance protects the business by offering claim settlements to injured staff or staff whom become badly ill.

Business Interruption – Protection from the unforeseen

What happens when excess heat in the extraction system causes a major fire to my property and burns down the neighbours Salon?

What Now?..

Business Interruption Insurance can be your saving grace, being able to provide for you the ability to recover and deal with the unforeseen to a degree, this can apply to anything that affects your business, If per example you ran a chinese takeaway in a small town your building might have a fire which renders the premises un-usable, Business Interruption Cover is highly suggested for your own benefit.

The Optional Policies – Loss of License Cover

For every location in the United Kingdom wishing to sell alcohol a premises license is required, as a business you must do your up-most to ensure that you operate to the standards laid out in the legislation, while not essential to all catering insurance policies a large amount of businesses do provide alcohol with services.

Reasons for possible loss of license

  • crime and disorder
  • public nuisance
  • public safety
  • sale of alcohol to minors

This however does not preclude the possibility that an unfortunate series of events can lead to the removal of the license from premises or personnel, having cover to protect your business from this can be a victory in the eleventh hour as sometimes the removal of a license can happen immediately.

Product Insurance – Food Manufacturing Protection

Food Poisoning is a risk anyone who deals with food will know all too well, creating products for consumption by the public can be lucrative as well ask fraught with risk.

Having good systems and processes is one thing, having coverage to protect you in a court of law is quite another, be sure to ask us about Product’s Insurance when enquiring about quotations.

Money/Cash Insurance Coverage

Money can be cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, Postal orders, stamps and luncheon vouchers amongst others. A standard money policy would include cover for:

  • money / cash in transit
  • on the premises during business hours
  • in a locked safe or strong room
  • at an employee’s home (very limited amounts)
  • in the custody of a professional security company

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We can discuss what you need for your business and what we can do to help you protect yourself and your business, against the unknown.