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Landlords: Where do we go from here?

A faulty fridge-freezer caused the Nation’s greatest property tragedy in living memory, now we can only learn lessons…

Occasionally, there comes a defining event that is so catastrophic, it is embedded in the consciousness of the nation and upon which everything turns.

A faulty fridge-freezer produced the nation’s greatest property tragedy in living memory.

Perception: “Landlords grow rich in their sleep” John Stuart Mill (1848)

Reality: “The criminal investigation into the Grenfell Tower disaster may consider individual as well as corporate manslaughter charges, Scotland Yard has said.”                                                                                                                       

The Guardian (2017)

The perception around being a landlord hasn’t changed much in the last 170 years, but the reality looks very different due to:

  • Buy to let funding clampdown
  • Increasing Health and Safety compliance burden
  • ‘Generation rent’ movement for long term leases
  • Retail collapse affecting viability of commercial sector

Sometimes it’s hard to be a landlord…

But it could be murder if you’re not property compliant and properly insured. Simply obtaining cheap, fast insurance will no longer do the job. Now, in the commercial sector, the fire risk assessment (FRA) legislation makes everyone who has an interest in the building collectively responsible for fire outcomes, among other legal responsibilities…

Far from growing rich in your sleep, you could be up all night thinking about these too:

Fixed wire fire alarms • Heat detectors • Fixed wire carbon monoxide alarms • PAT tests • Fixed wire circuit tests • Energy performance certificates (EPC) • Annual gas inspections • Legionella risk assessments • Fire risk assessments • and more is on the way…

Not to add to those sleepless nights, but if you’re not up to date with all of the above you can expect everything from ‘a hard time’ to ‘doing time’ for manslaughter.

The mood around insuring property that is ‘To Let’ has changed too, right across the domestic and commercial sectors.

We can help ease some of your biggest headaches!

We can underwrite in areas traditionally thought difficult to accommodate like:

  • Commercial and industrial property
  • Shops and Offices
  • Multi-tenure properties
  • Holiday accommodation including self-catering
  • Former council properties (including tenants in receipt of housing benefit and other state benefits)
  • Students

So, what’s the answer? At the Business Insurance Bureau, we know that it’s not about how cheap you make it, but how you make it cheaper. Here’s how we can save you money and protect your future…

Bob the Broker’s business philosophy…

…making it cheaper, by doing it right™

There is only one legitimate way to make your insurance cheaper: cutting down claims by controlling the risk. That takes partnership, relationships, service commitment, expertise and ‘going the extra mile’.

No one else will provide this – a Risk Management Rebate Voucher worth up to

£500.00† towards the cost of

Fixed Electrical Testing • PAT Testing • Fire Risk Assessment • Health & Safety Compliance • Security Compliance • and other risk improvements

Not only that! We also…

  • Offer multi-location discounts on top of your rebate
  • Offer two to three year deals, with a no claim bonus!
  • We give you a rebate every single year, per location that you renew on our unique facility and get the risk improvements completed and verified.
  • Tailor the policy conditions around your routines, not your routines around the policy conditions.
  • Run a reminder service to help make sure you don’t miss compliance and policy dates.
  • Provide a claims and risk management co-ordination, so you can concentrate on your business.

Keeping your claims low and your premiums lower, we’re making it cheaper, by doing it right™

Don’t wait, call Bob and the team now!

† Terms and conditions apply. Rebates are calculated based off your final premium amount and on receipt of legitimate certification that the work has been carried out. The £500 figure is based on a sample of 101 clients who received a rebate between 2016-2017.