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Now this is not the booze talking...

Our pub insurance will be music to your ears, unlike Mick's 'singing' last Friday night.

Yes, we’re LIVE down at The Duck & Dive!

Coffee mornings, functions, mid-week football, ‘When does the tune start’ Jazz afternoons…there’s no such thing as a ‘community boozer’ anymore. 

Once upon a time, going down The Duck & Dive meant a pint of ‘Old Todger’, a read at the paper and a packet of crisps. But that’s all hazy history, along with the smell of cigarette smoke that clung to your clothes after a night out.


These days, there’s no such thing as a ‘community boozer’ – running a pub like The Duck & Dive makes the publican a master of ceremonies, with everything from rhubarb gin tastings to ‘When does the tune start?’ Jazz, Saturday lunch time.  


It’s a coffee shop in the morning, has an all-day food offering, day time functions, after work promotions, football mid-week, venue at the weekend. It’s endless…

It’s hard enough to keep the punters entertained without the never-ending list of ever rising overheads.​

  • The rising living wage
  • Staff pensions
  • Brexit staff shortages
  • Food & drink price increases
  • Business rates
  • Huge insurance premiums for entertainment 
pub insurance the business insurance bureau

Pouring pints and collecting money has turned into a complex array of food, drink and entertainment compliance, licencing and insurance headaches.

Non-cleaned kitchen ducts are a HUGE fire risk, untested electrics heat, smoulder and burn, people slip and trip, doormen needed every weekend, gas safety, glass breakages…

There’s more to think about, lots of regulations to comply with.

There are four GREAT, INDISPUTABLY UGLY TRUTHS about business insurance

We can help ease some of your biggest headaches! But before we do, let’s see how the four ugly truths about business insurance add to that list….

1.   Insurance companies dispute 50%*of all large claims from businesses.

2.  They do this for two reasons:

     a. breach of policy conditions (which you’ve never read or remembered)

     b. inadequate information disclosure (like if you forgot to tell them about the live entertainment)

3.   It takes on average three years to resolve a large disputed insurance claimǂ (if you can resolve it). Meanwhile, without cash flow, your business goes into administration.

4.  This is why 43%* of all businesses experiencing a disaster never recover – not because they have experienced a disaster, but because their insurance is a disaster!

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large claims disputed


reasons this happens


years to resolve

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businesses never recover

Let's make it cheaper, by doing it right

So, what’s the answer?

At the Business Insurance Bureau, we know that it’s not about how cheap you make it, but how you make it cheaper.

Bob the Broker’s business philosophy is called: Making it cheaper, by doing it right™

There is only one legitimate way to make your insurance cheaper: cutting down claims by controlling the risk.

That takes partnership, relationships, service commitment, expertise and ‘going the extra mile’.

No one else will provide this – a Risk Management Rebate Voucher worth up to £500.00† towards the cost of:

  • Cleaning Kitchen Extract Systems 
  • Fixed Electrical Testing 
  • PAT Testing 
  • Fire Risk Assessment 
  • Health & Safety Compliance 
  • Security Compliance 
  • ISO Accreditation 
  • and other risk improvement
Bob the Broker

How does it work?

The small print...

†Terms and conditions apply. Rebates are calculated based off your final premium amount and on receipt of legitimate certification that the work has been carried out. The £500 figure is based on a sample of 101 clients who received a rebate between 2016-2017.

*sources: business continuity institute/london chamber of commerce and industry ǂ July 2014 MacTavish

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Let's make it cheaper, by doing it right

Who are The Business Insurance Bureau?​

The Business Insurance Bureau is a niche specialist underwriter and commercial insurance broker, defying conventional categorisation, comprising of a small number of gifted individuals forming a collective intellectual giant.

We have developed our own unique range of quality insurance products, which has given the business a competitive advantage in several areas. Being in control of the entire process, from enquiry to policy issue, has allowed our business to deliver service levels hitherto unimaginable in this sector, or indeed for a business of its physical size.

We insure a spectacularly diverse clientele, similarly exclusive and excellent in their field, who rely on The Business Insurance Bureau to protect their assets, minimise their liabilities and secure their future.


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The Business Insurance Bureau is famous for it’s simplification of the complex world of insurance. With corporate jargon galore, we believe that in order to run your business with peace of mind, you need simplistic and entertaining material when it comes the ‘boring but important’ things like business insurance. In order to help you along the way we have created many colourful and cheery leaflets to help you understand what risks your business can face and how we can help you reduce them.